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Packers drop third in a row, serenity now times infinity.

by Jon Henseler

Get well, get well soon we want you to get well Aaron! Get well get well soon we want you to get well! Welp folks if you are a Packer fan who was nostalgic for any year between 1968-1992 this last three weeks has been a trip down memory lane. Shades of Mike Tomczak, Anthony Dilweg and Blair Kiel out there. Alright that might be a little harsh but you know what I mean. Packer nation hasn't had to deal with backup QB's for the better part of 2 decades and the last three weeks is probably our comeuppance for 21 straight years of two Hall of Fame quarterbacks. And I don't expect sympathy from any other fan base. They've spent 21 straight years watching graphics every Sunday that have laundry lists of QB's their franchise's have gone through in 21 years and then on the right side is a graphic of Favre and Rodgers. So I get that no one is going to feel bad for us. This would be like the St. Louis Cardinals next season featuring a starting rotation of guys like Ruben Quevedo and Ben MacDonald because Wainright and Wacha went down with injury. After decades of dominant starting pitching you wouldn't see any sympathy from Milwaukee, Chicago, or Pittsburgh. In fact we would all secretly revel in it and my guess is Bears and Lions fans are doing the same. Remember kids, it's important in life to take joy in the misfortune of your enemies. It's the right, and Christian thing to do.

- We need to mix in a play action pass on our first set of downs next week like I need to mix in a salad and a jog to my weekly regimen of fast food and sloth. Run, run, pass on 3rd and long on the first two drives yesterday. Can't establish Lacy if you can't get them to at least fear Tolzien. Teams are basically in a Madden goaline 'Blitz A' every play.

- Honestly though Tolzien didn't look terrible. The 3 picks aren't great, but beyond that, 24-34 for almost 350 yards? And the pick that was the back breaker I think even Rodgers would have thrown*. That was a superior play by JPP. Dude looked like Dhalsim with those arms stretched out.

- I know a lot of people want Dom Capers to get Vinnie Mac-ed , but it would help if Morgan Burnett had a single clue lately. Dude looks like me trying to figure out the Africa map at the end of Carmen San Diego. Scrambling around without a clue.

- Raise your hand if you had Mason cranking out a 57 yarder yesterday. I wanted him to point to his leg Evil Dead style, THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK !

- Random: It's going to be interesting how Boykin's emergence affects contract talks with James Jones in the off season.

- ^Actual coherent thought.

- Good part about a bizarro Lou Brown streak? No more Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for the foreseeable future.. So we've got that going for us, which is nice.

- Aaron Rodgers Movember 'stache is on point. Eli Manning looks like a 7th grader growing in his first whiskers. How that's not worth a few points is mind boggling. #datstache.

Now I know things look bad on the surface at 5-5 and a three game losing streak. Obviously next week is a must win and then pray Rodgers is back by Thanksgiving. But for as bad as these three weeks have been? We're a game out of 1st place with games against Detroit and Chicago still looming. Like if you would have listed off the injuries we would incur this season, including Rodgers, in August and tell me we'd be one game out of first on November 18th I would take it every single time. 

PS: Can we outfit like Brett Goode or someone with a Groucho Marx costume and send them to Minneapolis to spike AP's gatorade with eye drops during the week?