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Wright's dunk was top 5 at BSA, doesn't surpass his best or George Hill's best

by Mike McFeely

TrayVonn Wright had a big dunk Saturday late in the Bison's 69-58 victory over Fort Wayne at the Bison Sports Arena. As I described it on Twitter in the seconds after it happened, "TrayVonn Wright top 10 all-time dunk at BSA. Flat-footed, turnaround, semi-windmill hammer. Athleticism better than Division 2 days."

You can watch the video of it here. Fast-forward to the 2:30 mark:

The highlight doesn't do the jam justice. Sitting courtside, the dunk almost seemed to come out of nowhere. Wright took a feed down low and, instead of a dribble or a kick-out pass, he just exploded off his feet and hammered it. It didn't really seem like a dunk situation. As radio play-by-play guy Scott Miller said at the moment, "It looked like his arms were 10 feet long."

We asked Bison coach Saul Phillips and Wright about the dunk after the game. Phillips said it was top three or four in Wright's slam catalog. Phillips' favorite is still the follow jam Wright had against South Dakota a couple of years ago. 

You can watch that dunk here:

And there was this one last season against South Dakota State:

For those in the local media who've watched Bison basketball at the BSA for years, i.e. me and Jeff Kolpack of The Forum, the all-time best dunk in the building came from George Hill of IUPUI in February 2008. Hill dribbled into traffic in the lane and, like Wright, exploded off his feet before pounding down a one-handed dunk. I can't find video of it online, although if you YouTube search George Hill you will find all kinds of dunks he's had during his NBA career.

Here is a still photo posted on the Bison Media Blog by Dom Izzo of WDAY-TV . Gives a good angle of Wright's reach on the dunk.

(Photo credit WDAY-TV.)

"People should buy a ticket just to watch him. I can’t guarantee I’ll ever have a guy who can dunk like him again," Phillips said.

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