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Web site SB Nation says NDSU deserves "College GameDay," uses my video to make the case

by Mike McFeely

SB Nation is a popular Web site for college football fans. One of its writers commended North Dakota State on landing ESPN's College GameDay and listed why he thinks the Bison deserve national attention.

Here is the entire article: North Dakota State deserves College GameDay because North Dakota State is awesome

One of the reasons Rodger Sherman says NDSU is awesome is because of tailgating.

6. About drinking, excitement and the song: NDSU fans like drinking heavily and early. A Fargo affiliate captured this video of fans tailgating for the Kansas State game. It doesn't seem notable until you realize it was shot at 10:30 a.m. for a game with a 7:30 p.m. local start time over 600 miles away from campus.

Although many NDSU fans are thrilled to host GameDaythere is a vocal group angry that the show will be broadcast from downtown, in a plaza in front of historic Fargo Theatre, rather than near the stadium, where fans could both tailgate and show up in theGameDay crowd. The school's athletic director went so far as to release a statement rallying fans to forgo some of their regular pregame activities:
These fans are serious about pregaming. 
It'll be more than worth it to sacrifice three hours of tailgating to head downtown, support local businesses and provide the best welcome ESPN College GameDay has ever received. You are the strength of the Herd!

The video that was included was shot and quickly pieced together by me when I traveled for KFGO to Kansas State to cover the Bison-K-State game. It is not the best video around, but I thought the same thing Rodger Sherman thought: These people are tailgating 10 hours before the game!

Here is a better link to the video:


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