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Vintage TV beer commercials, because it's Monday and just because

by Mike McFeely

It was a rainy weekend, so I had time. Sadly, I used some of this time to search YouTube to find old-school beer commercials that ran on TV in my youth.

My youth, by the way, is defined as that period of time between about 1973 and 1985 (I was born in 1966), when I was an impressionable young person. Once I got to my junior year at Moorhead State, I stopped being impressionable and just became cynical.

There is a certain cheesiness and lack of sophistication to these commercials, which makes them wonderful.

This is just a handful of the beer ads available on the YouTube.

We'll start today with vintage Old Milwaukee ads because of much of my post-impressionable years were spent swilling Old Mill. I still miss the red cans.

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