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VIDEO: Shootout in Philly (a real shootout, not a hockey one)

by Mike McFeely


It's always good to get a feel for your surroundings when you are on the road. Being a media person, I check the local news web sites over morning coffee.

So this morning, after arriving in Philadelphia late Wednesday night to broadcast Frozen Four-type shows Thursday and Friday, I checked the local web sites.

I found this lovely tidbit in at www.philly.com: A shootout with real guns and real bullets at a motel in northeast Philadelphia. I know, I know ... Philly is a big city and this stuff happens. But watch the video and, if you're like me, you'll be amazed at the casualness of the gunman firing his gun with abandon even as bystanders are nearby.

Watch the lady at the beginning of the video try to get into her room as quickly as possible when she realizes the dude has a gun. Scary.

Here is the link to the story, if you're interested in reading the news account: Wild shootout caught on video at Northeast Philly motel .

A note: Northeast Philly is nowhere near the Wells Fargo Center, the media hotel in downtown Philly or the suburb from which Joel Heitkamp and I are broadcasting today. But it's still interesting video.