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VIDEO: Previous Coastal Carolina coach may not have been rich, but he was fun

by Mike McFeely

Oh sure, the current football coach of Coastal Carolina is filthy rich. A billionaire maybe. And he has a great life story of going from poor assistant football coach to wealthy Wall Street insider to head coach at a rising Division I program. You can read all about Joe Moglia here: The Billion Dollar Coach .

But, and maybe it's just the radio talk-show host side of me, I'd much rather have THIS guy coming to Fargo this weekend when North Dakota State hosts the Chanticleers in an FCS playoff game. Because THIS guy is a walking sound bite, THIS guy talks about dogs and cats instead of motivational pitches you see on posters in people's offices (like mine).

This guy was the coach (and a successful one) who was at Coastal Carolina before being fired to make room for the billionaire. Ladies and gentlemen, meet David Bennett:

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