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VIDEO: Oil workers in western N.D. appear to not be aware their lives are in danger from tornado

by Mike McFeely

This is remarkable video of the tornado that hit a "man camp" in western North Dakota over the weekend, and it's already been posted by others at KFGO. Nine people were injured, including one critically. The critically injured person is a 15-year-old girl.

I have to re-post it and offer some commentary because when you watch the video, note the attitude of the guys taking it. Completely unfazed by the fact the tornado is bearing down directly on them.

The tornado in the video is a sight to behold. But so is the flippant attitude of the oil workers who took the video. I mean, the tornado is CLOSE and headed directly at them -- but they are still laughing and giggling and saying "holy sh**!" a lot.

Not sure they were quite aware of the danger of tornadoes. Or they didn't feel they had any choice but to sit and wait it out. As one of the voices is heard to say, they really can't go anywhere. How about jumping in the pickup truck and driving 100 miles per hour in the opposite direction of the storm, even though we're told to not do that. Would have to be better than sitting and waiting for the funnel to hit, right?

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