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VIDEO: My appearance on the Paul Allen show on KFAN

by Mike McFeely

FRISCO, Texas -- I made a 10-minute appearance today on Paul Allen's radio show on KFAN out of the Twin Cities to talk about the North Dakota State football team playing in the FCS national title game Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

A special thanks to those businesses that sponsored my trip to Frisco: --LaQuinta Inn and Suites: Wake up on the bright side at LaQuinta Inn and Suites with locations in Fargo, Bismarck, Minot and Dickinson. --FM Water Systems: They are water specialists, home of the Kinetico water system. --Your locally owned Stop N Go Food Stores: Home of the Best Buns in Town.

You can watch video of it here:

(Mike McFeely is a talk-show host on KFGO-AM in Fargo, N.D. He can be reached at mike.mcfeely@mwcradio.com. Follow him on Twitter @MikeMcFeelyKFGO.)