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This is getting embarrassing again, Bison fans

by Mike McFeely

You're embarrassing yourselves again, Bison fans.

Not as badly as last time, when you complained about ESPN College GameDay setting up shop in downtown Fargo instead of the North Dakota State campus.

And there is probably is not as many of you embarrassing yourselves this time compared to last time.

But there are plenty of you, and you're plenty embarrassing.

I first noticed it during the Northern Iowa game at the Fargodome, a thrilling contest won by the Bison 24-23. There were stretches through the first three quarters when the Bison weren't playing particularly well and some in the sellout crowd of NDSU partisans actually ... wait for it ... booed.

Hmm, thought I.

I noticed it again after the game when I tuned into Ryan Gellner's "Bison Rewind" show on KFGO during the drive home. The first five callers or so didn't seem particularly interested in celebrating a helluva Bison comeback, or the fact their team just defeated a very good Panthers team, or that NDSU won despite having several key injuries to the all-important offensive line. No, the first handful of callers to Ryan's program found it necessary to complain that a) NDSU struggled to win, b) only won by 1 point and c) didn't play well enough to their liking.

Keep in mind, I care not whether the Bison win or lose. Keep in mind, too, that I am about the only person in the Fargo-Moorhead media who has found the courage to criticize the mighty Bison when they have a misstep or two. And even I, cynic that I am, left the dome after the Northern Iowa game wholly impressed that NDSU gutted out a difficult, much-needed victory over a very talented team. And they did it in thrilling, do-or-die fashion with a last-minute drive. It was a fun, entertaining football game.

Hmm, thought I again.

 (ESPN photo)

I noticed it one more time this week, after NDSU defeated Missouri State 41-26 before a record crowd at the dome. It was admittedly not the prettiest affair, but NDSU's offense did roll up 450 yards, including quarterback Brock Jensen's first career 300-yard game. Yet, I'm hearing complaints that NDSU didn't win by enough points or took too long to get things going or didn't put away Missouri State quickly enough.

Hmm, thought I for a third time. 

And I am left with only one conclusion.

Bison football fans are spoiled.

They might be the most spoiled fans in college football, as a matter of fact.

NDSU is the No. 1-ranked team in the nation. The Bison are 6-0 this season and, barring a collapse that will not happen, they'll make the Football Championship Subdivision playoffs for the fourth straight year. 

NDSU is 34-2 over the past three seasons and has won two straight national championships. It defeated Kansas State on national television to open this season and attracted ESPN College GameDay to Fargo.

This group of seniors is the best core of football players to don NDSU uniforms in a long, storied history.

The Bison football program couldn't do more, other than perhaps cure cancer and initiate world peace.

And still its fans are not satisfied. Boos in the dome? Complaints about beating an excellent team like Northern Iowa by only one point? Griping about Missouri State scoring too many points?

The teams NDSU is playing in the Missouri Valley Conference are not 12-scholarship Division II teams. They are big, strong, fast, talented, fully-funded Division I teams that are damn good. Some will make the playoffs. Give them some credit.

Let me ask this, Bison fans: If your team loses a playoff game and does not win a third straight title, does that mean this season is a failure? Will you be upset your team didn't fulfill your expectations? Or will you be able to appreciate what NDSU has accomplished the past few seasons, and realize winning a title (much less three in a row) takes 100 different things to go exactly right?

My guess is it won't be the latter.

Because you're spoiled. Beyond belief.

Which, although not as bad as last time, is embarrassing.

(Mike McFeely is a talk-show host on KFGO-AM in Fargo, N.D. He can be reached at mike.mcfeely@mwcradio.com. Follow him on Twitter @MikeMcFeelyKFGO.)