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RAW VIDEO: White supremacist disrupts city council meeting in North Dakota

by Mike McFeely

Kynan Dutton is white supremacist who moved to Leith, N.D., at the behest of racist Craig Cobb as part of a grand plan to take over the city's government and turn the tiny southwest North Dakota town into an all-white enclave.

The city of Leith and its residents are doing everything they can to make Cobb, Dutton and any other white supremacists feel as unwelcome as possible. Dutton has lived in a house owned by Cobb, for example, that doesn't have running water or sewer. And Leith is finding any way it can to make life uncomfortable for Cobb and his gang.

For example, the city council Friday night was the first reading on a new ordinance that will place a moratorium on any new building or trailers until the community can add zoning and building codes.

This apparently is affecting Dutton. He attended a city council meeting Friday night, clearly under the influence of booze or something, and disrupted the meeting by shouting profanity and racial epithets at those in attendance.

He eventually was forcibly removed by law enforcement. The moratorium passed later in the meeting.

The sad, yet scary, spectacle of an intoxicated Dutton was recorded by somebody at the meeting and posted on Leith's Facebook page. It is here for your perusal.

WARNING: The racial slurs and profanity have NOT been bleeped out. It is all there for your ears to hear. So if you are offended, do not watch the video. Other, bleeped-out versions are available at other web sites.

Dutton and his wife Deborah Dutton moved to Leith with their five children in early October. The Associated Press reported Deborah Dutton and three children have left the home and townspeople provided gas money and contacts for safe shelter.

This is raw video provided by the Grant County News and Carson Press of Elgin, N.D.