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The Onion's 9/11 satire: Does it offend you?

by Mike McFeely

Jerry Bader, my talk-show host colleague from Green Bay, Wis., who appears on my show weekly (when our schedules allow), was offended by a satirical article that appeared  on the blatantly satirical Web site The Onion.

The article was based on a fictional advertising campaign put on by Subway. Sandwiches were priced at $9.11 for the "Subtember 11" promotion. Here is a link to the Onion article.

I am failing to see what Jerry is so worked up about. Since the article appears in The Onion, it is clearly meant as satire. There is no question about that. And good satire is meant to jar you a little.

Was it good satire? Well, a golf course in Wisconsin and a restaurant in Minnesota both ran Sept. 11 promotions that offered prices of $9.11.

Now THAT is tasteless. 

And it proved again that The Onion is often ahead of the news cycle when it comes to its satire.

New Subway Promotion To Honor Subtember 11

MILFORD, CT—Citing a wide range of deals customers will “never forget,” fast food chain Subway announced an exciting new promotion this week to honor and commemorate Subtember 11. “With a number of terrific discounts on special sandwiches as well as our classic footlongs, you’ll always remember where you were on Subtember 11,” Subway president Fred DeLuca told reporters, referring to Subway’s special promotion in which, for a limited time only, visitors of the restaurant’s tens of thousands of franchise locations will be able to “fly on in” and pick up two footlong subs of their choice for only $9.11. “From the Structural Steel Melt on Tower 7–Grain bread to the Twin Chowers cold cut combo with Ground Zero–Carb vinaigrette on a Let’s Whole Wheat Roll, we’ve got something for everybody this Subtember 11.” DeLuca added that the special promotion will be “first responders, first served.” 

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