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Subway asks for property-tax exemption in Moorhead to build at 9th Street and Main Ave.

by Mike McFeely

I'm told the owner of Subway stores in Moorhead wants to build a new shop at 9th Street and Main Ave., at the site of the old Gas Stop filling station.

The Moorhead City Council tonight will consider a resolution to approve a two-year property-tax exemption for Fowler Enterprises (owned by Lee Fowler). I'm told he wants to build a stand-alone shop with an outdoor patio.

Fowler already operates a Subway in the strip mall at 7th and Main. Presumably he would close that shop when/if the new one opens. 

This is not a huge deal, but it will fill an unsightly lot on Main Ave. and will move downtown Moorhead toward being more updated and more "happening." The Moorhead Dairy Queen at 8th and Main has a great patio that is well-utilized during the warm months and outdoor seating at a Subway could lead to the same thing.

The city council should approve the tax exemption without hesitation.

Courtesy of Google Earth, here is the lot on which Subway is expected to build (taken during much warmer weather):

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