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Statement from West Fargo schools: Students who participated in sit-in will get unexcused absences

by Mike McFeely

West Fargo schools issued a statement regarding the student sit-in at West Fargo High School in support of coach Jim Jonas:

Today (Wednesday, November 20), approximately 125 West Fargo High School students participated in a pre-planned sit-in to show their support for Jim Jonas.  The sit-in was held in the commons at WFHS and lasted for approximately 84 minutes.  The students were calm and respectful throughout.  “We want Jonas” chants were accompanied by clapping and other shouts of support.  Many students took pictures and video using their personal electronic devices.  

School officials were onsite to ensure a safe, orderly and respectful environment was maintained.  When the bell rang for the start of Period 5, all students left the commons and went to class on their own accord. 

There are no consequences directly associated with the sit-in for students that chose to participate.  However, the school’s attendance policy guidelines will apply to any unexcused class absences recorded today. 
There are 1338 students enrolled at West Fargo High School.


There are 1338 students enrolled at West Fargo High School.