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Statement from West Fargo Public Schools regarding Jim Jonas situation

by Mike McFeely

I just received an e-mail from Heather Konschak, community relations coordinator for West Fargo schools:

Decisions that support the educational opportunities and the well-being of our students are made on a daily basis.  Each of these decisions is made with considerable thought and deliberation; when the decision involves personnel, the district will complete a formal process around that decision. 

 A key piece of that process is communication with the affected employee; such communication may be given verbally or via written document, and may or may not be placed within the employee’s personnel file.  The district will err on the side of direct communication with the affected employee before communicating with the public.  To the highest degree possible, West Fargo Public Schools attempts to respect employee confidentiality whenever personnel decisions are made.

 The district has no further comment at this time.