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Set the hook! New dates for the KFGO ice-fishing trip to Ballards

by Mike McFeely

Our KFGO/Stop N Go/Ballard's ice fishing trip to Lake of the Woods in late January was blown away by a blizzard. We've rescheduled it and we have some openings.

The new dates are March 23-25. Cost remains the same: $399. The target remains the same: Catch walleyes and saugers ... and have a ton of fun. I will be going along as your host.

We'll leave the KFGO parking lot on a coach bus at 2 p.m., Sunday, March 23 and arrive at Ballard's Resort later that night. Hors d'oeuvres, dinner and cold beverages will be awaiting.

We'll get up the next morning for breakfast, then take heated enclosed vehicles to our heated fish houses. Lunch will be delivered to the fish houses. After a full day of fishing for walleyes and sauger, we'll return to the resort for dinner.

Next morning, same routine. Breakfast, followed by fishing. We'll only fish a partial day, though, because we will get back on the bus in the late afternoon for the return trip to Fargo. We will arrive at the KFGO parking lot late in the evening.

Lunch will again be served in the fish houses, and we'll take a hot dinner with us on the bus.

All the fish we catch will be cleaned and packaged by the resort staff.

Ballard's does a top-notch job with its groups. Any level of angler will feel comfortable going on this trip. Families (including children) are welcome. It will be a blast.

To sign up or get more information, call Ballard's at (800) 776-2675Log on to www.ballardsresort.com to see the accommodations and find all the information you need. Or you can click on the banner ad at the top of this blog.

And, of course, get ready to SET THE HOOK!!

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