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Radio call when Appalachian State beat Michigan in the Big House

by Mike McFeely

Before and after two-time defending FCS national champion NDSU's 24-21 victory over Kansas State on Friday, there was much talk of a game in 2007 between then two-time defending FCS national champion Appalachian State and Michigan. The Mountaineers went into the Big House in Ann Arbor and stunned the No. 5-ranked Wolverines 34-32..

Not sure if there are actually many comparisons between the two games, other than both NDSU and Appalachian State were two-time defending national champions when they won their "signature" victories over bigger programs, 

Anyway ... just to refresh my memory, I went back to watch some online video of App State's victory. And I ran across this clip, which is actually the App State radio call of the game's final play -- a blocked field goal by App State that preserved the win.

Although, actually, when you watch the video, you'll think it was a blocked "AAAAAAHHHHHH!" instead of a blocked field goal.

You'll see what I mean:

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