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Possible world-record fish caught in North Dakota

by Mike McFeely

A 9-year-old from Velva, N.D., may have caught a world-record fish.

Brayden Selzler caught a 4-pound, 12-ounce goldeye on Lake Audubon last Friday.

It broke the previous state record and would top the world record of 3-pounds, 13-ounces by nearly a pound. That fish was caught byGary Heuer of Aberdeen, South Dakota, in Lake Oahe in August 1987.

A Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame spokesman says Selzler would have to apply for a world record and meet all of the qualifications to take Heuer's record. Selzler plans to apply.

The goldeye is a common fish in Canada and the Upper Midwest, although they are not often sought by hook-and-line anglers. They generally average a pound or less. There is a small commercial market for goldeye, which are smoked. At one time, however, more than a million pounds of goldeye were netted from Lake Winnipeg for commercial purposes.