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Oh, God. I find myself watching an Ashton Kutcher video and agreeing with him

by Mike McFeely

It might be that I have a 12-year-old daughter.

It might be I'm getting old.

It might be that I'm softening in my older age.

It might be that I'm brain-dead.

Either way, through social media I ran across a YouTube video of Ashton Kutcher at some TV teen awards program. The social media world said the video was great. So I watched it. And I found myself nodding my head in agreement with the advice Kutcher was trying to give the kids in attendance.

I also found myself angry at the kids in attendance, because they were too busy screaming and being teen-agers to actually listen to what Kutcher was saying.

That's my advanced age and general cranky nature revealing themselves.

There is also this: I'm not really sure who Ashton Kutcher is, but I think he was married to a much older woman for awhile.

Here's the video. Take a watch, middle-agers, and tell me that you don't agree with what this guy is saying.