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NDSU press release: Foundation supports athletic facility project

by Mike McFeely

This press release was sent out earlier today:

NDSU foundation supports athletic facility project
Published: 11 October 2013
The NDSU Development Foundation this morning voted to guarantee financial funding for the Sanford Health Athletic Complex and SCHEELS Center project up to $41 million, pending approval from the state Board of Higher Education and the North Dakota Legislature. 
"The Development Foundation's enthusiasm for the project was made clear by their unanimous guarantee of support for the full amount," said NDSU President Dean Bresciani. "I share their enthusiasm and appreciate their support for a project of such importance to NDSU and the region."
The guarantee allows the project to proceed while the "Building the Competitive Edge for Bison Athletics" campaign is completed. The actual bid costs were higher than estimates by an architect.
The expansion and renovation of existing Bison Sports Arena will transform the facility and the surrounding area into a true Division I athletic complex. SCHEELS Center will seat more than 5,700 fans for basketball, and a two-court basketball training facility will be added to the southwest corner of the existing structure. The west side addition will house human performance facilities, including strength and conditioning, sports medicine and rehabilitation areas. The renovated BSA also will have an academic center for student athletes.
"This is a very big step forward for Bison Athletics," said Athletic Director Gene Taylor. "The Sanford Health Athletic Complex and SCHEELS Center will have an impact on our program for years to come. We appreciate the support of the NDSU Development Foundation and all of our donors who have participated and we look forward to beginning the long awaited construction as soon as the necessary approvals are secured."