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My weekly column begins Thursday in The Extra

by Mike McFeely

I will begin writing a weekly column for The Extra newspaper in the Red River Valley beginning with the Feb. 20 edition.

I won't print the contents of the column here yet -- I will after the paper hits the newsstands -- but I can tell you the gist of it is this: I am excited to be back in actual print again. My blog here at KFGO.com gets thousands of views, but there is something special for a writer to be in print. Call me old-school. I grew up a newspaperman and that gene is still in my body, even though I've been doing radio full-time for about 5 years.

Anyway, Extra editor Tammy Finney sent me this cover earlier today. There will be a feature story about me and my first column will appear in the paper, which prints and distributes 45,000 copies per week.

My KFGO colleagues Bob Harris and Doug Leier also have weekly columns that appear in the Extra.

The Extra's web site is http://www.thefmextra.com/