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LIVE BLOG: NDSU at Kansas State

by Mike McFeely

Jensen keeps to 1 yard line. Bison take last timeout. :32 left.

Jensen to Vraa over middle for 7 yards and first down. Jensen got hammered, hung in there. Great throw and catch. Jensen on fire since terrible interception in third quarter.

:47 left. Bison 3rd and 3 at at K State 14. Yowza. What a game.

That was a HOLE for Ojuri on that run. Bison getting closer. 1 and 10 at K State 21 1:30 left.

Kansas State's Demonte Hood was DESTROYED by Gimmestad on that 8 yard run by Jensen. And he got hurt, too.

This crowd is dead. Bison have taken them out of it.

NDSU has converted 3 third downs this drive. 3:32 remaining. 21-17 Kansas State with Bison possessing ball at Wildcats 46.

Crockett carries for four yards and first down on 3rd and 3. Bison drive alive 1 and 10 at own 42.

third down and 11 for Bison at own 19. Lang catches short pass from Jensen and gets to 31. Big play. Drive alive.

K State punts. Into end zone. Bison have all they could ask for. Down 21-17 with 8:58 and chance to drive for the lead. Lot of time left and lot of things can happen. But Bison are hanging tough with K State. They can play with a team of this level. Impressive no matter what happens the rest of way.

Third down and 12 for Kansas State. Don't like either of first two play calls by K State.  Now sacked on third down. Emanuel on sack. Good stand by Bison defense. See what K State does.

Now this under review. Ruling on field stands.

Waters sneaks. Very close. Will measure. ... And ... First down. First down Wildcats at Bison 30.

Review says short. K State going for it.

Waters scrambles for 12 yards on 3rd and 12 and first down to Bison 30. Big play. Bison looked to have him contained a couple of times and he escaped. QB is a playmaker for Kansas State. Play now under review.

END OF THIRD QUARTER: 21-17 Kansas State leads. Bison outscored 14-10 in third quarter. After a wobbly start to the second half when it looked like the game might be getting away from them, Bison answer with long drive for TD and a FG after a long run by Ojuri. Bison can still win this game. And they aren't going to get blown out.

Bison short on 3rd and 8. 4th and 2. Line up for 41 yard try ... and GOOD. 21-17 Kansas State with :12 left in third quarter. Things sort of fizzled after Ojuri's big run. But points are points.

Bison defense holds. Good K State punt to 2 yard line. And then .. BAM. Ojuri breaks 66-yard run on first down to Wildcats 32. 

Bison need to hold K State here. Get the ball back. ... And Waters hits Thompson on big pass play on first down. 19 yards. Thompson WIDE, and I mean, WIDE open.

Jensen hits Zach Vraa on 9-yard TD pass with 3:43 remaining in third quarter. Keller adds PAT. 21-14 Kansas State leads. Just what the Bison needed. Sustained drive that kept defense off the field and got some points. 12 plays, 75 yards, 6:15.

Billy Turner called for false start at 5:22 remaining in third quarter. First Bison penalty.

Surprisingly, not many cramps so far. But that will change as game progresses. K State player down on field. It appears to be cramp and trainers stretching leg. Ooh .. maybe not. Travis Britz, sophomore DL is player limping off field and now my guess is ankle, not cramp.

Ruling upheld by video. 

Jensen quarterback keeper under review.

Bison go for it on quick snap on 4th and less than 1. Jensen just crosses 41 yard line of Kansas State and gets good spot. First down for Bison. Another big first down to keep Bison defense off field. And perhaps a break.

That helps Bison. Jensen hits Smith over middle for 19 yards on third and 5. NDSU needed a first down to keep the ball for another set of downs.

Now we'll see what NDSU has in the tank. Bison need a sustained drive or the floodgates might open. Still 9:58 left in third quarter. Lot of game left and NDSU getting handled.

Daniel Sams in at QB for K State after timeout. Sams takes it end zone on keeper for TD. Kid is fast and a TD machine. Kick good. 21-7 Kansas State with 9:58 remaining. 6 plays, 36 yards, 3:06. Yards really starting to rack up against Bison now. Might be long second half.

K State quarterback Waters is a heck of a passer. Big time junior college recruit. 16 for 20, 225 yards and 2 TDs so far. No answer for NDSU.

Let's see how NDSU answers now that momentum clearly with K State. And there is your answer: Dante Barrett steps in front of Jensen pass over middle for easy pick. K State ball 1 and 10 at NDSU 36. Jensen must not have seen Barrett. Bad play. All the weight goes back on NDSU defense.

Lockett catches 56 yard TD pass from Waters. Wide open. K State speed outside killing NDSU in passing game. He beat Williams. 3 plays, 70 yards. All passes. 14-7 Kansas State with 13:59 left in third quarter.

NDSU's Carlton Littlejohn appears to have leg cramps. First player on field I've noticed with cramping issues. Will be more to come, guaranteed.

Attendance: 53,351. Big crowd even by Kansas State standards.

NDSU uses pooch kick to start second half to keep ball away from Lockett. Bohl coah

Second half starting.

General first-half thoughts: NDSU not overmatched for sure. Will have trouble stopping K State passing game in second half. But Bison also can move ball on Wildcats. Dropped TD pass by Vaadeland HUGE. Missed FG by Keller big. Bison had two chances to take the lead and didn't. 

STAT LEADERS: NDSU ... Ojuri rushing 6-31; Jensen passing 7-15-0 44 yards 1 TD; Smith receiving 3-21 1 TD; Williams 6 tackles. Kansas State ... Hubert rushing 6-24; Waters passing 12-16-1 148 yards 1 TD; Lockett receiving 4-40, Thompson 3-74 1 TD; Slaughter 8 tackles.

First half ends after 38 yard run by Ojuri. 7-7 tie in Manhattan.

Bison 1 and 10 at own 37. Short pass over middle for 5 yards. Bison not hurrying.

Bison hold on third down, call timeout. K State will punt.

Still 7-7 with 1 minute left in half.

Bison called for holding, but K State declines penalty. Bison will try 34 yard FG. Adam Keller MISSES FG, hits left upright and it bounces away. Bad ending to a series for NDSU. Two missed scoring opportunities on same drive. Will that be costly later?

Kevin Vaadeland WIDE OPEN in end zone. Pass a bit high, but Vaadeland drops it. Bad mistake by Bison there. Cost them a touchdown.

Two incomplete passes after big turnover. 3rd and 10 at 29. Bison run delayed draw to Derrick Lange for 15 yard run. Huge first down. 1 and 10 at K State 15.

Massive play by Marcus Williams on a terrible pass by waters. As play breaking down he tries to force sideline pass, Williams easily intercepts at K State 29. First and 10 with 3:54 left.

Waters in shotgun and snap comes too early. Bounces down to 5 where Waters recovers. Loss of 20. Big break for NDSU, whose defense is struggling.

And just as I say that, K State rips off 17 yard run on first down by John Hubert. Yikes.

Presume K State will keep passing. Nothing indicates NDSU can stop. 

K State defense stiffens. 3rd and 13, Jensen sacked by Blake Slaughter for 7 yard loss. But good punt downed by long snapper Michael Murphy at K State 3. Wildcats take over with 5:14 remaining in first half.

Bison driving. A couple good runs by Ojuri first downs. Jensen hits Smith for 11 yards on 3rd and 9 for big first down to keep drive alive with 7 minutes left in half. 1 and 10 Bison at K State 27.

K State QB Waters 11 for 13 for 146 yards and 1 TD with 10 minutes left in first half. Bison have to do better.

Kansas State completed 4 straight passes for 78 yards on that scoring drive. Replay showed Heagle turned his head for just a beat to keep an eye on Waters and that allowed Thompson to run right past him. Caught ball at 10 and coasted in.

First BIG K State play. 45 yard TD pass from Waters to Thompson, who beat Heagle. Wide open. Waters getting no pressure and Bison d-backs having tough time keeping up with Wildcats speedy receivers. 4 plays, 78, 1:27. Kick good. 7-7 tie game. Momentum change.

K State getting all kinds of yards passing. QB getting time. Wildcat offensive line doing good job and talented recivers getting open. Wide open in some cases.

Waters completes 20 yard pass to Thompson on nice play. Waters vacates pocket throws on run along sidelines. Nice catch, too. Reviewed but upheld.

K State's defense comes up big next. On third and 1, K State defensive line blows up run up the middle to Crockett and stops Bison. Wildcats needed that. Big play and NDSU forced to punt.

Wow. Fourth down play. K state needs 3 yards. Waters keeps, hit by Jirik after two yards. NDSU takes over on downs at NDSU 25. Bison defense again comes up huge.

Williams defends Lockett one on one and breaks up pass in end zone. Looked like equal jostling back and forth but crowd screams for penalty. No flag. That was a matchup of guys who be playing in the NFL some day. Fun moment. Whole place was focused on the ball and two outstanding players.

Impressive first quarter for NDSU. Besides leading the game, they have clearly established they can play with the Wildcats. Crowd has been quiet. Couldn't ask for better start, though K State now beginning to move ball.

End of first quarter: NDSU 7, Kansas State 0.

K State QB Jake Waters definitely has strong arm. Completes two passes in a row to Curry Sexton and Tyler Lockett for two straight first downs. ... Make it three straight. Another completion to Lockett. This kid is zipping it now. K State opening up a little after trailing 7-0.

Bison exploiting inexperienced K State defense. Have had little trouble moving ball even though first two drives ended in punts. K State has yet to establish that it can handle Bison.

Jensen across middle to Smith for 5 yards and Bison TD. Great start for NDSU. Offensive line establishing. Receivers getting open. Very efficient. PAT kick good. 7-0 Bison with :56 left in first.

Jensen keeper 5 yards to 5. 

Bison offensive line hammering K State up middle. Ojuri runs staight up middle for 8 yards to 10.

Another sleight of hand play for Bison. End around to Smith, pitches to Cooper Wahlo, who gets 5 yards to KSU 18.

Huge play NDSU. Dudzik returns punt 49 yards to K State 23. 1 and 10 Bison with 3:39 left in first.

3rd and 3, Waters runs planned keeper. Bison crush it. Heagle in on the play from safety. Impressive series again for NDSU. K State punts.

1 and 10 K State from their own 12.

Bison have to like pace of game so far. They've picked up a first down on first two possessions, ran some time off clock, established they can get receivers open, get a few yards on ground. Defensively, NDSU has been in good position because of field position. Bison would probably like to pick up a couple more first downs and run more time, but it is 0-0 with 6:50 left in first K State has only had one possession.

Carey Woods of Bemidji, redshirt freshman for NDSU, makes first catch for 7 yards to set up 3 and 3. But Bison fail to pick it up on third down run and have to punt. 

Bison get first down with a nice out to Vraa and two straight runs by Crockett up the middle. Bison o-line opening holes for Crockett. 1 and 10 at NDSU 39.

Bison take over 1 and 10 at NDSU 27, 10:03 left in first quarter.

3rd and 12, Waters holds and runs out of pocket. Short of first down. Good coverage. Bison DE Kyle Emanuel shaken up but runs off field on own power. K state will punt.

Waters completes pass to Tremaine Thompson on second down for 9 yard game to 23. First down. K State offense looks to give QB option of passing or running. Tough to stop.

JC transfer Jake Waters starts at QB. First game for K State. 1 and 10 at KSU 8. Waters takes too much time, looks confused, has to take timeout before his first snap as Wildcat. Not good start. Good feeling for Bison, though.

Incompete pass on 3rd down. 4th down Bison, forced to punt. NDSU was in nice rhythm on first two plays, but second down sack made third and long. Good start stalls.

Brock Jensen sacked on second down loss of 5. 3rd and 9 at KS 44.

Ryan Smith around left side for 18 yards on first play. 1 and 10 at KS 43. Wow.

Touchback kick by K State. 1 and 10 at KS 20, 15:00 remaining in first.

7:33 -- K State wins toss. Defers choice to second half. NDSU will received kickoff.

7:29 -- Bison run onto field to boos by K State crowd. This is whole different deal. There are about 47,000 people extremely fired up for K State.

7:24 -- My prediction on game: Kansas State 27, NDSU 13. Different level of BCS opponent in K State opposed to Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado State etc.

7:20 -- Temperature announced at 98 degrees, 103 heat index, wind out of west at 3. Second highest temp at start of K State game. Highest is 109!

7:15 -- Pretty nice Bison fan numbers in the southeast corner of the stadium. Of course, they screamed "BISON!" at the end of the national anthem.

7:07 p.m. - This crowd is energized. This will be very hostile environment for NDSU. Nice NDSU continent in stands, but far outnumbered and out-yelled by purple-clad partisans.7:02 p.m. - Shade now covering entire field, meaning things are cooling down somewhat on field. At about 5 p.m., temperature on field was recorded at ... wait for it ... 137 degrees. 

7:02 p.m. -- Shade now covers entire field, meaning temperature should be dropping. The temperature on the field at 5 p.m. was recorded at ... no lie ... 137 degrees.