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KFGO's spring-training coverage is coming soon to a radio, web site near you

by Mike McFeely

Pinto and I are heading south soon to bring KFGO listeners and KFGO.com readers the sights and sounds of Minnesota Twins spring training.

I've covered spring training for KFGO a few times now and done a number of shows from Hammond Stadium, but this is going to be somewhat of a new venture for us. We are going to make this trip into a true multi-media experience.

Daniel Gunderson (a.k.a. Pinto) is my producer. He'll be flying with me to Fort Myers, Fla., Friday with a video camera to record the Twins in action, as well as interviews with players, coaches, management and fans. 

We'll also be writing a couple of blogs every day, plus taking all kinds of photos.

Everything will be posted at our "Boys of Summer" page at KFGO.com. We'll also be posting a ton of pictures to our Instagram accounts with the hastag #twinsbaseball. So follow us there, too.

We'll begin posting some things when we get to Hammond Stadium on Saturday morning, but we'll really start to fire up things Monday. I will also do three programs from Hammond Stadium Monday-Wednesday. We'll have a number of Twins-related guests those days.

It's been a brutal winter, so we'll try to provide you with some hope that spring and summer are on the way. If the Twins have started spring training, spring can't be far behind. 

Thanks to Stop N Go and Nereson, The Big Lot, for sponsoring our trip this year.

You can check out the Web page to which we'll be posting content by clicking here. Check back often:"Boys of Summer" page at KFGO.com

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