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Keith Olbermann is really worked up about dogs in Sochi, for good reason

by Mike McFeely

I enjoy Keith Olbermann, even if I think he is pompous and over the years has become angrier at each subsequent stop on his television journey. Olbermann is a supremely talented writer and commentator who adds a healthy dose of thoughtful intelligence to the TV talking-head world.

Plus, he hammers back at semi-literate (or sometimes fully illiterate) haters on Twitter with unrelenting savagery. Gotta love it.

To be clear: I love the Olympics as a competition, I enjoy the athletes, God Bless America and all that stuff. But these Olympics are being held in a slime-ball of a country that is beyond woeful on human rights and is systemically bigoted against homosexuals and many other groups. Russia is just not a nice place. Olbermann has pointed that out on previous programs and has encouraged the boycott of companies advertising during these Olympics.

Last night on his ESPN2 show, Olbermann again went after the Sochi Olympics, which seem to be even more corrupt and offensive than previous Olympics.  His wrath was pointed at the killing of hundreds of stray dogs in Sochi . The dogs, according to news reports, are being hunted and shot with poison darts in an attempt to "clean up" the city before Friday's opening ceremonies. It is believed most of the dogs are not true strays, but had to be abandoned by owners whose homes were cleared away to make way for the building of Olympics facilities.

Olbermann's passion is evident, even if you believe (as some of his critics do) that the passion should be directed at "more important" things like human beings. Olbermann's response on Twitter: "You can't worry about two things at once?"

The most powerful line Olbermann delivers in the commentary is when he talks about how the friendly, trusting dogs are the easiest to kill. Because, of course, they are friendly and trusting.

It's worth a viewing. Take a look.

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