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Hulett's letters (some of them, anyway) in their entirety

by Mike McFeely

After blogging and talking about Moorhead mayoral candidate Mike Hulett's apparent change of personality the last few years -- from somebody who wrote highly-partisan, name-calling letters to the editor to somebody who now touts himself as the "non-adversarial" and "collaborative" candidate -- I received a handful of requests from Moorhead residents (both Hulett supporters and non-supporters) to print Hulett's letters in their entirety on this blog so people could read them for themselves. They felt the blog post I wrote yesterday, which you can read by clicking here , didn't provide enough information.

 Mike Hulett
Alas, time does not allow me to type up all the letters. They are quite long. And I have hard copies, not electronic copies, so I cannot cut and paste. 

But I did take the time to type up a few of the letters, which I think show that Hulett certainly wasn't afraid to demonize those with whom he disagreed. I'll present those for your perusal.

Keep in mind, I don't care what the mayoral candidates' political convictions are. It doesn't matter. I see local city government as a bread-and-butter, serve-your-citizens, deliver-services-efficiently tool. I don't believe ideology necessarily belongs. What does matter to me is when somebody presents themselves as a kumbaya, let's-all-be-friends candidate when in fact there is a written record of that person bullying and mocking those with whom he disagrees. It's disingenuous at best.

Here are three letters Hulett wrote that appeared in The Forum, including the date pubished and the headline.

Media parrot Dem lies

Published Oct. 19, 2008
By Michael E. Hulett
Barack Obama conveniently blames the current economic crisis on President Bush, John McCain and the Republicans. Obama worshippers blindly accept that assertion, but it just doesn't square with reality.
One year ago, stock market values were at an all-time high. So was consumer confidence. Two years ago, gas was just over $2 a gallon. Unemployment was at a historic low. People were traveling, buying cars and homes, generously supporting charities. Retirement investments were earning reasonable returns. Bush had been in office for six years.
In the midst of that solid economy, mainstream television and print media, in concert with their Democrat allies, were constantly demanding "change." They succeeded. 
Democrats took over both houses of Congress. Now, having accomplished nothing of note over the past two years, spending most of their time bashing the president, the Democrat-led Congress has sunk to the lowest level of public approval in history. Senate leader Harry Reid is a woeful disgrace, a truly empty suit. House of Representatives leader Nancy Pelosi is more of the same.
Incredibly, mainstream television and print media, based on recent polls, are somehow succeeding again in convincing you that you need even more of this "change." While Reid and Pelosi continue to occupy Congress, they want you to place a leftist United States senator in the White House. Should that happen, by the way, you can count on Obama completing the triad by selecting revisionist justices for the next openings on the Supreme Court. America would then have a socialist government "hat trick" unprecedented in U.S. history. Alarmingly, there would be few checks and balances left within the federal government structure. These people are all cut from the same socialist cloth.
Here is the defining question: Under Democrat lawmakers, are you better off today than you were two years ago when these low achievers took over? How is your retirement fund doing? Are you able to find mortgage financing? Are you traveling like you used to? Are you still blindly "hoping" that Obama is the "one you've been waiting for?"
Why allow yourself to be taken in again by the failed Democrat "change" approach? Sure, Obama pretends to be "in the middle" now as he goes after the undecided, but he is still a hard-core socialist. Check his history as a legislator. It speaks volumes. Why would he change his philosophy now? Sticking to his deep socialist roots, he and his congressional cronies would take our country to a place that is far from representative of most Americans. Surely that is not what you want. But if you allow yourself to be conned by this smooth-talking candidate and his liberal media collaborators, that is exactly what you will get.

Other views: Liberal media, politicians peddle false image of the United States

Published Jan. 25, 2008
By Mike Hulett
Contrary to the opinion of Lloyd Omdahl (Forum, Jan. 21), I suggest that the biggest challenge for the next 10 years will not be to restore America's image in the world community but, in reality, will be to defend America against Islamic fascists and others dedicated to destroying freedom.
We need to ask: With which people abroad is American credibility to be restored? Is it the Finns, the Danes, the Germans, the French? French president Nicolas Sarkozy recently indicated that France needs to be more like the United States. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President George W. Bush reportedly have a great relationship. Might it be those Mideast governments that do not want America to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians? How do we appease them? Is it Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and scores of similar dictators populating the United Nations? Most likely it would not be the victims of HIV AIDS in Africa for whom the current administration is providing more relief than any previous U.S. effort?
Of course, the liberal media primarily chooses to tout the "negative fallout" in Iraq, but let's check on American image with the Iraqi boys and girls who can now safely attend school, play soccer and not be afraid of agents of an arbitrary dictator, or check with their parents who can now elect their leaders.
Reality speaks for itself. More than ever, people from all over the world are standing in line for a chance to become Americans. Americans continue to be held in high regard in free world countries. "U.S. relations have soured with most countries in the world" -- this faulty notion has been repeated so often by the liberal media, liberal politicians, liberal church leaders and other hardcore foes of the Bush administration that, unfortunately, many good Americans are accepting it as the truth.
If we are to buy into the premise that there actually is a way over the next 10 years for America's image to improve with the sorts of people liberals and "blame America first" proponents consider to be significant, we would have to start by developing a modified form of government that mimics European socialist states and ignore the threat of Islamic terrorists and vicious dictators.
Being greatly concerned about America's real challenge for the next 10 years, I suggest we elect a president who will assure that neither of those outcomes occur. Let's choose a candidate with solid management experience, who holds American values, and who wills steadfastly defense America against those dedicated to destroying freedom.

We're so thankful for Ahlin's 'wisdom'

By Mike Hulett
Thank God Forum contributor Jane Ahlin, her husband, and their friends recently vacationed  in Argentina and Chile (column, Feb. 25). Without them, we would never have been alerted to the long list of countries that consider the United States to hypocritical and a "big bad bully."
What are we to do? The dictator in Venezuela does not like us. Oh no! This is terrible. Mexico is on the list. Wait a minute. Mexicans don't like us? Has anyone checked with the 11 million Mexicans who risked their lives to sneak into the United States illegally? Ahlin and her friends should find them and let them know how bad we are. Maybe they'll go home.
We've also got to get the message about hypocritical President Bush to the free people of Afghanistan. And, can someone please find a way to contact the boys and girls in Iraq who, instead of starving to death at the rate of 25,000 per year under Saddam, are now attending schools for the first time? Ms. Ahlin, please help us get the word to them before it is too late. It has been reported that many of them actually appreciate what President Bush has done. We can't have that!
Wait, I have an idea. In order to get everyone in the world to like us, and to stop being hypocritical, let's pull out of Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq and every other country in the Mideast. For that matter, why not let Israel fend for itself? Once we have totally left that region of the world, every country will love us and we will no longer be haunted for decades by what hypocritical President Bush has done. If only Al Gore had won. We'd be loved by everyone by now.

(Mike McFeely is a talk-show host on KFGO-AM in Fargo, N.D. He can be reached at mike.mcfeely@mwcradio.com. Follow him on Twitter @MikeMcFeelyKFGO.)