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Bison Tailgating Photo Contest

by Mike McFeely

Do you want to win a pair of tickets to the Bison vs. Northern Iowa football game at the Fargodome on Saturday?

Then e-mail us a great photo from Bison tailgating or another Bison-related event and you could win!

Send the e-mails to kfgo.studio@kfgo.com OR mike.mcfeely@mwcradio.com

The Mike McFeely Show (2-5 p.m. on KFGO-AM 790) is giving away ONE pair of tickets to Saturday's big game.

We'll choose the "best" photo from our entrants (posted below) and the person who sent us that photo will win.

What is "best?" Well, it is very subjective. There are no specific guidelines, but we'll know what we like when we see it. Is that a little sketchy? Good, because we don't want any hard and fast rules.

All we want is your Bison tailgating or Bison-related photos.

Send them to kfgo.studio@kfgo.com OR mike.mcfeely@mwcradio.com before noon Friday. We'll announce the winner Friday at 2:10 p.m. at the start of the show.

Good luck!

Submitted by Ron Schalow ("Tailgating and fishing.")

Submitted by Kim Johnson ("Not a great pic for showing Bison apparel, but never been to a Bison game and thought I would try!")

Submitted by no name. ("Our gang at the lake watching the game outdoors.")

Submitted by Jody Wiens ("Me and my best friend at the K State game.")

Submitted by Mike Hennebry ("Pep rally at Dr Pepper Park, Frisco TX in 2013.")

Submitted by Doug Helland ("Tailgated with these guys playing giant bean bags. Go Bison!")

Submitted by Jeff Gartner. ("Kansas State game.")

Submitted by Nate Paulson. ("Who knew? Even Elvis is a Bison fan!")

Submitted by Bridget Syverson. ("The march of Green and Gold heading back to tailgate after the team rally before the Bison’s  repeat in Frisco this past January.")

Submitted by Chris Ulmer. ("From Frisco, Texas, 2013.")

Photo submitted by Christopher Deery. 

Photo submitted by Eric Grohnke. ("Here is what happened 2 weeks ago when I told them we didn't have tickets to the Delaware State game.")

Photo submitted by Sharon Bartels. ("Bad weather doesn't stop Bison tailgating.")

Photo submitted by Jen Richards. ("Robert -- our 8-year-old -- lives and breathes Bison football. Pick us!")

Submitted by Kory Kunze. ("Flag-raising a week before the opener in Oriska, N.D.")

Submitted by Kimberly Kyllo. ("We want to win Bison tickets!")

Submitted by Jonathan Paul.

Submitted by Katy Turner. ("Just a couple girls representing the Herd, with glitter "Go Bison" tattoos and all!")

Submitted by Colleen Aas. ("We promised out 7-year-old one Bison game this year. Little did we know how difficult it would be to get Bison tickets!")

Submitted by Kristi Halvorson. ("This little boy loves tailgating -- but would love going to a Bison game more!")

Submitted by Becky Black. ("Emmy and Suzie.")

Submitted by Cassie Spitzer. ("Fire up for the Bison!")

Submitted by Todd Good. ("Future crop of Bison. 6-week-old twin brothers sporting their Bison pride!")

Submitted by Jessie Rieger. ("My 2-year-old son's first Bison game.")

Submitted by Ronald Lindemann. ("Bison spirit can be celebrated at any age.")

Submitted by Todd Heiberg.

Submitted by Kimmy Fischer.

Submitted by Steve Parmer. 

Submitted by Roxanne Klinefelter. ("Bison student herd ... waiting to get into the student section.")

Submitted by Roxanne Fletcher. ("Grant Olson letting his prayer nails dry ... at a fund-raiser for Jordan Peterson.")

Submitted by Marcia Buringrud.

Submitted by Scott Paul. ("Frisco, TX, championship game -- the name says it all!")

Submitted by Kristen Peterson. ("When student equipment managers from the opposing team ask, 'How much it tuition here? We are thinking of transferring,' you know you are running an epic tailgate. Bison vs. Delaware State.")

Photo submitted by Chris Dumont. ("Mini-vacation to Kansas State.")

Submitted by Tricia Hansen. ("My little redhead is a BIG Bison fan!")