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Why does my dog bark at the sun and other mysteries.

by Ken Lanphear

I'm the proud owner of two delightful Golden Retrievers.  One very outgoing, the other painfully shy.  They're not by first; I've had several others over the years but the older of my current brood (almost 3 years) has a habit I can't seem to break.

I know other dog owners who have expressed similar problems with their dogs, but mine feels the need to bark at everything even resembling any animal on TV.  I blame HDTV for making images so real to look at that the dog feels they're actually in the room.  This dog actually sits and watches TV and has become so adept at identifying animals in TV commercials that she actually knows some of the TV commercials where dogs will appear.  She will even come in from another room when she knows an animal is going to make an appearance.  It is at once very annoying and at the same time quite fascinating.

The one I can't figure out is why she barks at the sun.  No, not the sun in the sky.  The sun that appears in the commercials for Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches.  You know the one, where "the sun" offers a cloud a breakfast sandwich when it's feeling kind of, well, cloudy.  That one.  No animal is involved.  Just doesn't like the sun.

She find the sandwiches, however, delightful.