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When Your Kids Grow In To - Their Allergies

by Mark Evans

Like many, I have allergies.  The list is actually pretty impressive when you look at the amount of things that stuff my nose and make my eyes water:




-Pet Dander

+ about 15 more.

Like many, I have also passed along the "Sneeze Genes" to both my children.  In the war to breathe, I have discovered a few things that - if done often - Will indeed make a difference.

-Vacuum and vacuum OFTEN.  A lot of allergy-causing problems live in your carpet.  Get a good machine and use it at least once a week, if not more.  Make sure to vacuum your furniture too!

-Change your bedding.  Dust Mites LOVE living where you sleep.  Wash all sheets in HOT water.

-Sweep and dust hard surfaces.  Same reason as vacuuming!!

-Avoid being outdoors when pollen is at it's highest - you can monitor this on several websites that Track this on a worldwide bases, or just go to www.weather.com for the latest.

And #1:

-NO PETS  (I know - what kid doesn't love their dog or cat?)