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1st Birthday!

by Katie Schurk

1st Birthday!

 by Katie Schurk

I can't believe in a little over 6 weeks my baby boy is going to be one year old!  Thanks to Pinterest and other moms of the year, I feel a ton of pressure for this party.  We are going to be going on a family cruise a few weeks before he turns one, so we want to have his party planned before we leave.  Or I know we are just going to be throwing it together last minute, and he deserves more than that!

We are back and forth on what we want to do, and the fact that my husband is legitimately ocd and doesn't do well with people at our house is not helping in this planning process.

I like to think that the first year party isn't just about Brody.  I also like to think of it as a we did it.  We made it through the first year, and thank you.  We couldn't have done it without the help of everyone around us.  That being said, I would like to be able to provide food and drinks for our friends and family.  They have all been so generous and supportive throughout the last year, it is the least we can do.  That being said, we also want it to be something that Brody can physically be part of.  As easy as Chuck E Cheese seems (hey who doesn't love beer and pizza.)  He can't really do anything there.  So that is a no go.

I would love any suggestions that you may have, or ideas that worked out great for your kid's first birthday!

           I can't believe it has been almost a year since we got to meet our Bear!