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moose-elk-bighorn sheep applications

by Doug Leier

North Dakota’s 2014 bighorn sheep, elk and moose proclamation is finalized and most season information is the same as last year.

Online applications are available by visiting the North Dakota Game and Fish Department’s website, gf.nd.gov. Paper applications will be available on the website for printing, and at license vendors the week of March 10. The deadline for applying is March 26.

The application fee for moose, elk and bighorn sheep has increased from $3 to $5 for each species, as part of the license fee increase bill passed by the 2013 state legislature. For those who are fortunate enough to draw a license, the fee has increased from $20 to $30.

Bighorn sheep, moose and elk lottery licenses are issued as once-in-a-lifetime licenses in North Dakota. Hunters who have received a license through the lottery in the past are not eligible to apply for that species again.