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WOLFMAN JACK door bells!

by Jack Sunday

My young friend, and very funny guy, JJ Gordon of the great local improvisational comedy troupe, "The Linebenders" showed me this oldie but goodie.  It features Amy Poehler of SNL fame and more.  

Footnote: Wolfman Jack was a radio hero of mine.  I used to listen to him on XERB in Tijuana Mexico, the 100,000 Watt rock and roll powerhouse. When they weren't doing Wolfman Jack they had religious programming or horse races.  It was scratchy reception, but, I'd stay up all night with The Wolfman.

Later, in life I met and enjoyed five or ten minutes with him in Los Angeles at a broadcasting convention.  And, for those unfortunate enough to know me, there's a pretty good story that goes with it.  But, THIS is not all about me.  It's about THE WOLFMAN.