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by Jack Sunday

Sure, it NOT BELOW FREEZING today!  Heck, right now we can't even see our breath!  So, it's time was asked "WHY DO WE LIVE HERE?"

North Dakota, Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, We import it from Canada!

North Dakota,  Where the news says "stay put " and we go to work because we look out the window and say " I've seen worse"

North Dakota, Where we plug cars in when it gets colder that -25.

North Dakota, Where we know what it means to plug in a car.

North Dakota, A 50 degree swing in 48 hours and we say "do I need to wear a coat or is a sweat shirt enough"

North Dakota, Where we plan to keep meat in garage because we know it won't thaw.

North Dakota, Where hot beverages may contain something called "Ice Hole".

North Dakota, Where we don't bother with a coat "just to run inside".

North Dakota, Where there is a blizzard warning, and they still pick up the garbage.

North Dakota, Hot Soup!!!

North Dakota, Fresh Fruit, means we opened a can of mandarin oranges.

North Dakota, Where auto start in your car is Worth IT!

North Dakota, It is too cold to work outside, I guess we will go fishing.

North Dakota, Where there is a 7 degree temp swing in the office depending on which direction the wind is from.

North Dakota, Where you find someone in the ditch and they have a tow rope ready.

North Dakota, Where the average temp in December was 4.