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by Jack Sunday

Our departure from Fargo for warmer climes this week was different. For one thing, in security we were deemed "expedite" which I thought meant  "get him out of here now." As it turned out it meant "YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES,"  They'd decided I wasn't a terrorist! Yay! Finally!

Because of mechanical problems our departure was delayed about an hour. It would be tricky to make the connection in Minneapolis. But, as it turned out, with help from one of those golf cart cabs, and a VERY talkative cabbie we had minutes to spare. 

And then came the loading of the plane, the backing from the gate, a long wait and the announcement that THIS plane had mechanical problems too. ("Better on the tarmac than in the air" is what I always say.) We deplaned and waited an hour or so to board another'n. Upon departure, (2-hours later,) we were winging our way to sunshine and warmth....and sand and palm trees....and margaritas.

When the flight attendent brought the snack/beverage cart I asked for a double Bailey's and coffee and a can of pop. I offered my credit card and was told that Delta was picking up the tab! (I should've asked for a triple B&C.) 

BUT, here's the clincher; on the flight from FGO to MSP they even told us which gate from which we would depart! Since 2000 they haven't been allowed to do so. They always told me to look it up on the screen in the terminal. (Oh gee, thanks. I need to wander around looking for the damned thing.)

So, here's what makes them human: 1) They didn't make me do a Tom Sawyer and go barefoot. 2) They told us which gate to use. (I'm not Lewis and Clark.) And, 3) They sprung for the booze!

Life is good.  ("Toes in the water-ass in the sand.") 

Tomorrow I'll do some live Bison blogging from Bokamper's Sports Bar and grill on this page.

Please comment below on improvements, (or otherwise) you've noted in air travel.