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by Jack Sunday

From KFGO News:

GRAND FORKS (KFGO-AM) The University of North Dakota could be getting a new nickname by next year.

The Fighting Sioux moniker and logo were retired in June of 2012 in order to comply with an NCAA ruling. One idea that's surfaced is "UND Cavalry." Bill Roswick of Grand Forks has even printed some t-shirts with the name and an image that shows a soldier on a horse, but no official decision has been made.

Who did the U-S government use to "defeat" native Americans? The cavlary! From Rin Tin Tin to "How the West Was Won," it was always the cavalry that came to save the day. They came to rout the "Indians." Of, course, UND would chose that name.

Sigh....fingers crossed they won't choose THAT name/logo.