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Response to Seaworld's response to "BLACKFISH."

by Jack Sunday

My experience with Orca is skewed a bit by living about as far from an ocean as an ocean can.  I see them on TV.  I read about them and believe they to be clever, creative,fun-loving and reasoning creatures.  But, again, what do I know?  I did watch "BLACKFISH."  I can't imagine a reason any of the numerous former employees would all lie in unison.  I also tend to distrust people making millions of dollars of these majestic creatures, saying that they are only interested in the proper care of these mammals.  The only thing they care about is selling tickets.  That's what they do for a living.  That, and selling whale semen for millions.  (Look it up.)

Although it's far-removed from Fargo, we all have a bit of the stars and oceans inside each of us.  I feel the tides pull in full-moon.

Anyway, here's the article to read.