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by Jack Sunday

This is the honest-to-gosh truth.  Trust me.  Not once since returning from Florida, have I begun a conversation regarding the extreme weather that greeted us.  NOT ONCE have I brought up the bone-chilling temperatures!  

All of you said, "Hey!  Welcome home doggone it!  Man you sure screwed up coming back to this cold."  We chuckle and I make a mark on my thermometer as another one BRINGING IT UP first.  

NOT ONCE have I mentioned the life-threatening condition that can result from being outside in this godforsaken wind-whipped, ice-covered prairie.  (Don't get me wrong, I DO say bad things about the weather.  I just don't BRING IT UP first.) 

If someone says " Are you sorry you came back to this record gol' dang weather?"   I say, "no, I'm glad to be home again.  I just wish I was still in Naples."

The fact of the matter is, I AM glad to be home with my KFGO co-workers, my bar buddies, family, and the Kee-Kee birds of North Dakota .....(Have you heard any?)