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NodakJacksunday's alleged Bison log.

by Jack Sunday

Back to work. Got a bucket of beers for $12.99. Since I'm only drinking Coors Light on TD's, I hope it doesn't get warm.

TOUCHDOWN Brock Jensen! 17-0. Gawd, I hope they keep up! (I did take my Prilosec. I should be okay.) I can handle it.

By the way, the lovely little gal shown on the intro page is Sara Hopper from Fargo. She lives down here and joined us at Bokamper's. She's a sweetheart. If I miss any incisive football coverage it's because we're chatting, OK?

Sara says "hi." 

Oh...2nd quarter....Chants with the ball.  I hope I don't run afoul of NCAA rules with such in-depth coverage. I could lose my scholarship. (Mike McFeely, eat your heart out.) 

John Crockett is a stud getting us to the 1. Brock ran (?) it in. 24-0.  I hope it doesn't end up 80-0. Jane will have to drive home. 9 minutes til' the half. Chantacleer fans are leaving in droves. Oh, wait....they weren't here. Never mind. Chants 3 and out. Brock overthrows by a mile. Yada yada yada. Brock Jensen runs for 1st and 10. Is he gonna do it all? 

C'mon halftime. I need to use the rest room and don't want to leave you all hanging...3 minutes remaining.

TD Bison, Sam Ojuri! 31-0. I'm getting bored. Not thirsty.

A fella'  named Wayne Pitzer just came over and asked if I was an NDSU fan. (He must've heard me hollering.) He told me that he played for Montana State from 1964-1968 as defensive end back when Ron Earnhardt was the Bison coach. He said Dakota field was hard as the bar. He added that even though NDSU was tough, they ALWAYS had their way with UND. Duh

Uh oh. Chants are at the Bison 2. Held.  Chantacleers score. 31-7. :30 remain. Bison making a run. Field goal good for 3. 34-7. Excuse me. I'm off to the head.