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Just a couple of things I saw...

by Jack Sunday

What are they doing on 25th Street South, in front of KFGO?  For the past couple of weeks, they've put up barricades and cones and re-routing traffic.  But, as far as I can see, THEY'RE DOING NOTHING! Of course, I don't watch the street every minute, but, I do drive it and am puzzled.

While driving through downtown early one morning I noticed that the blinds were open on a second floor room of the Hotel Donaldson  (Facing west.)  I've never seen that before.  Evidently, most people keep their comings and goings secret.  But, that brave customer had the window blinds wide open!  I looked to see what I could see.  I saw some great art work and a nice lamp.  

I play a fun game during Bison football.  Whenever I watch home games, I try to get the crowd to buy me a beer every time the KFGO logo shows up on the TV screen.  It's in the northwest corner and usually it's just a second or two it's on camera.  But, during the aftermath of a great touchdown the KFGO logo is prominent.  Prouda' that.  (BTW, no one has ever bought me ONE beer for the logo.  It's a game I play by myself.)

I got to work during the Solid Gold Saturday this week.  Our "Pet Patrol" helped a family get their golden retriever "Riley" home.  A guy called and said he's found a golden the night before.  I went to our Pet Patrol page here at kfgo-dot-com.  I noticed that someone had a "lost" golden and gave the guy the number.  The next thing we know, they're all living happily ever after.  If you ever lose your dog, before you call the pound, police or KFGO, check to see if Fido is HERE.

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked like kids in bee jammies yesterday.  

The Vikings played like kids.