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DARK LAGER CHILI RECIPE! I tried it and liked it.

by Jack Sunday

On a more important front, I made Mike Dubord's recipe for chili.  I made enough for an army.  (Probably not the CHINESE army-but I digress.)  It was great.  However, Mike is a man and some of his ingredient directions were a bit nebulous.  Like "1 can of beans."  What size can?  What if I'd been at Costco and my choices included the 55-gallon barrel?  I settled on the regular size can.  But, try it if you care.  I'd share mine, but, it's gone.  OK?  Here's the recipe.   I also made a video.  Note:  The video does not include the black and kidney beans.  It was pre-bean, so to speak.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202074555323960&l=3895360789024248431