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by Jack Sunday

Today, at the KFGO Parking Lot Picnic, a very nice couple told me that the thing they most appreciated about Sandy and me was our strong support of the LGBT community. Their son died of AIDS 15 years ago. He had once told them, "someday, we'll be able to live normally."

He didn't live long enough to see what we have seen in North Dakota. On KFGO, both mayoral candidates supported same-sex marriage and equality for the LGBT community. Our legislature refuses to allow LGBTers to be treated equally with women, the handicapped, religious groups, etc. Despite the GOOD OLD BOYS CLUB that roams the halls of the capital in Bismarck, much personal recognition has been given our sons and daughters. It's been a long journey since Sandy and I spoke on behalf of PFLAG. One day on our show, the Paulson's, a very strong farming couple "outed" their son on-the-air. Their son knew, but they hadn't told anyone else. They broke the news on KFGO because they wanted the world to know they loved their son and HE IS GAY! They took lots of grief from some, but, complete acceptance from most. It was a remarkable day in my life, and Sandy's, and theirs! But, the point is, our support goes back to very earliest days of our years together.

This is a note written to a gay son by a great father.