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by Jack Sunday

You can only imagine my dismay to learn that we'd be leaving Fargo only 12 days ago when the temp had dipped to minus 12-or-15 degrees.  I was destined for Naples Florida and I was leaving behind skies that would soon be snowy and sundog ridden for sunshine, palm trees, pelicans, osprey and dolphins.  Snow or sunshine.  We settled on the latter.

On another travel front:  It was implausible, but, being labeled "TSA-Checked" is  pretty nice, but, quite unsettling.  It means we've been labeled "harmless" or unable to do anything bad on the airplane.  It allowed us to go, unfettered, through the security line without having to take off shoes or jackets, show laptop or liquids.  We didn't even have to raise our arms for the body scan.  Since neither of us were used to being treated as we all were in the olden days, we took off our jackets anyway and were told we didn't have to.

Later this week, I'll interview a guy that is a chef at a tiny street side eatery called "3rd Street Café" in Naples.  It's a scene of normalcy among the upscale, hoity-toity spots we often visit in that wonderful city by the Gulf.  I think we'll have him on Friday at 1:10pm.  He promised to share his excellent recipe for potato soup.  He also serves some mean black beans and rice on a great breakfast burrito.