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by Jack Sunday

It was Saturday night and Jane and I found seats at the bar of The Hodo.  (Earlier, we had FOUND parking too!- But, that's another blog)  Seated next to us were two young women, each wearing Bison caps, and "I HEART FARGO" t-shirts.  Jane couldn't help but mention how cool their Bison head caps were.  They explained they'd bought them and the t-shirts at the airport when they arrived Saturday morning.  Upon arrival, they drove down to New Effington, South Dakota for lunch, (who doesn't?)  That evening they were hitting the nightlife in downtown FARGO NORTH DAKOTA! Caitlin and Mindy are from Boston.  They have an ambition to visit every state.  They decided to come to Fargo instead of Oklahoma.  They said once they decided to come here, they watched the movie "Fargo."  They were disappointed to find that none of the scenes were even shot here.  But, I directed them to the CVB where they could see the original woodchippper.  (They seemed politely interested.)  I had reported sighting of them at the Beer and Bacon thing at Scheels Arena.  They confirmed that it was indeed them.  I offered two tickets to the Sportsman's Show at the Fargodome. (Again they seem politely interested.)  They confided that North Dakota has LOTS OF MEN, and, "they're all tall and good looking."  (I thanked them on your behalf-you're welcome.)  I took their picture.  They were on with Jack and Sandy today.  GO HERE FOR THAT!