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Bison win 48-14.

by Jack Sunday

My unofficial "color commentator," friend and Sara's main man, Tom Persson, another Fargo expatriot, joined us in the 4th quarter. We pretty much missed the 4th quarter. He had some pretty good observations. At one point he said "if the Chants score here, we've got a game." They didn't. Then the Bison scored. When CC got the ball, he said "if they score here, it doesn't mean s**t." (There may be kids reading this so I cleaned it up with asterisks.)

Then "we" went on to crush the poor saps.  And when the hell did the Chants get that second TD?


I hope I didn't go into too much detail and bore you. Not all of us are Xs and Os people.

Special thanks to Jane, Sara and Tom. Also, Bokampers Bar and Grill.

Let's go to press!