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BAD BOY IS DEAD! Animal Cruelty at it's worst.

by Jack Sunday

NodakJack Sunday

Friday, October 18, 2013

I was going to write about Cable One’s discontinuance of Turner broadcast properties, but I’ve changed my mind.

This, the first of my blogs here at KFGO, is on a subject I find repugnant, to say the least:

Animal cruelty.  KFGO News is reporting that someone has tortured and killed a miniature horse called “Bad Boy” by the people that loved him.

Bottineau County police say someone in a pickup truck chased Bad Boy from a pasture, through ditches, and struck it with the truck.  They then tied him to the back of the truck and dragged him down a well-traveled road and dumped the body near the airport.

The owner of Bad Boy says the horse was so tame he would come when whistled to, and would even jump into the van when the door was opened.  Bad Boy wasn’t so big.  He was only 38-inches tall.

I’ll tell you who really wasn’t so big.  The lunkhead punks that chose to torture, maim and kill a teeny horse.  I hope when they come to, they remember what they did and turn themselves in.  

I’d hate to see someone track them down and visit the same act of insanity on them.

State Senator Tim Flakoll who wrote and passed an animal cruelty bill in the North Dakota legislature last session will join me at 11:40am.  In the meantime, let’s talk about it.

Hear is the interview with State Senator Tim Flakoll on the Jack and Sandy Show.