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Animal Rant! Who let the people in?!

by Jack Sunday

The big news in the animal world around here lately has been the Bill Kiefer Horse Kill of last winter, the Bad Boy miniature horse torture/killing this fall, and the senseless Minnesota Wolf hunt.  Humans are funny, (not in a "ha ha" sort of way) in that we think we're better than animals because of these danged opposable thumbs, (which allow us to shuffle cards better than birds,) and our ability to "reason," (such as deciding to drop billions of dollars of cruise missiles on neighborhoods of countries we don't like.)  We can build an airplane, but can we migrate around the world on zero gasoline?  (See: birds.)  We can spill thousands of gallons of oil on the prairie or millions of gallons into the gulf, but can we smell the coffee?  

I think it was Mark Twain who said "God help me be half the man my dog thinks I am."  Amen, Mr. Clemens.  Now, to wrap up, let's take a quarter hour and see how dogs are much much smarter than we think they are.