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Why We Should All Care About Leith, ND (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

If you haven’t lived in a small town yourself, you know someone that does. In the Midwest, it’s who we are.  We play the “name game”. It begins with "Oh, your from there! Then do you know…(insert a name here)". If that doesn't work, you try another name… and this continues until you find someone in common. 

Now imagine living in (or being from) Leith. 

Leith, North Dakota is under siege. White supremacists are attempting to take over this small town in GrantCounty. I was asked recently, “why?” The reason is… because they can. Leith, like most small towns, doesn't have a big budget. With that said, they haven't knocked over the abandoned homes and old buildings. 

With abandoned homes and old buildings sitting vacant, it is easy for those who associate with the Nazi party to easily come into Leith and start buying lots and buildings. In fact, it would be easy in any small town. 

If successful, this could change the image of our communities for generations.  

What is the first thing many of you think of when you drive by a great community like Medina? You get my point. 

The big question is how do we stop it? How do we make sure that when we play our old “name game" in Leith (or your own hometown) it doesn't start or end with “Nazis”?

We owe every small town a peaceful solution.  

UPDATE: It seems the situation is getting worse. CLICK HERE for new story from Leith, ND, written by Lauren Donovan of the Bismarck Tribune.