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What are your priorities? (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

News from on high came out today. The State of North Dakota will, once again, have a budget surplus. And the news was not about a little surplus, it was (to no ones surprise) a really big surplus. So, from atop the mountain came those to spread the word.

Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley recently addressed a group of area business men and women in Bowman, North Dakota. In political terms, a safe place to be if you are Drew Wrigley and his message was clear to supporters in western North Dakota: Anyone asking for additional help from the state would need to ask for forgiveness first. And, western North Dakota should acknowledge the lack of housing and crowding in schools are simply rich man problems.

Thanks to Bryce Martin & the Bowman County Pioneer for shining some light onto the candid thoughts of our Lt. Governor.

Next up, Pam Sharp, Governor Dalrymples Manager of the Office of Management & Budget brings the news of a hold even budget. And, Sharp said, we made a very, very strong investment in infrastructure throughout the entire state and especially, in the western part of that state so, again this ending balance will be available for our commitment for more infrastructure and any other one-time needs that we identify

We? Who elected Pam Sharp? Rhetorical question no one! Pam Sharp works for Governor Dalrymple, like Wrigley, and more importantly, the people of North Dakota. Both Sharp and Wrigley are representatives of Governor Jack Dalrymple who recently announced he would not call a special session to address North Dakotas needs.

Did these three people also take the State Legislative powers away? Or, is it the intellect and organization of those people we elected? It looks to me like those legislators just got their marching orders from on high.