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To Flash or Not To Flash (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

I need to point out before you read this: I don't give up easily.

I leave from Lake Elsie at the same time everyday to drive up on a work. I take the same route. I stop at the same places. I usually get a chance to say “howdy” to a number of the same people, doing the same thing, everyday. People, just like me, working for a living and greeting the day and each other. 

Today I drove up in a ground blizzard. I was too foolish (Mom told me not to call people stupid… I would assume she meant myself too) to take my radio equipment home so I could broadcast from there. At times I was driving 60 mph, other times, 10 mph. No news here if you have lived in North Dakota.

The difference today is drivers have taken to turning their flashers during storms. I asked a Captain of the Highway Patrol and he even recommended it. I asked a number of truckers and they even said it helps. Overwhelmingly, most of the motoring public I spoke to said they are doing more and more of it!

This doesn't seem right to me. (As you know if you listened this morning…) Am I such a creature of habit (see above) that I can't get past flashers meaning only certain things?  Those things only include: you are pulled over on the side of the road; you are driving an ambulance, a fire truck or school bus. 

Okay. I found out today, most people disagree. The last time I picked a fight like this it was about the center ripple boards. The worst part: now I think they're great.

Maybe I can give up sometimes… Joel