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Thanksgiving Remembered (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

When I was young, Thanksgiving was a “huge” holiday. Mom and Dad would load all 7 Heitkamp kids into the LTD and we would head to Mooreton - to Grandpa and Grandma Berg's house. Grandma would even break-out the fancy china from the china hutch.  You know, as a kid, it was the hutch you would be afraid to even go near (curved glass and footballs don’t mix).

I’m sure you remember it too, there were the “grown-up tables” and the “kid’s tables”; Grandma would cook turkey and goose and Dad always went for the goose (so I did too, to be like dad…until I actually tasted it).

We eventually grew out of our Grandparent's house and ended up renting the Mooreton Legion Hall. The Legion Hall was right next to Pic Rehmet's lumber yard, so you could go from the roof of the Legion to the roof of the lumber yard… well, that was until we (including the Mauch kids!) got caught.  

Either way, it was a day of family and fun, a day to give thanks for each other and a day off (well, as long as you were a male and didn’t have to cook or clean).  Most importantly, Thanksgiving left me with many memories of good food and family.

Today it seems those are not the traditions. Since I have been in radio, I have worked almost every Thanksgiving and my wife and sister-in-law are already cutting coupons for Black Friday. They take the Christmas specials serious… heck, their game plan is laid more meticulously than any of Leslie Frasier’s. 

While this has been a shift, now this year we see the stores are opening on Thanksgiving too!?  As though opening “later in the day” is some sort of compromise. As an old friend of mine would say, "the camel's nose is under the tent".