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Tea Party: The Republicans Out-of-Control Kid (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

This is my first attempt at being a blogger.  “Blogging” might be something you think I’m not interested in (and you might be right).  But, I’m clear on my positions, opinions and getting a conversation started on topics of the day.

So here it goes…

Why is the GOP allowing the Tea Party to steal their party? It is one thing to utilize the energy and enthusiasm the Tea Party brings to the debate. It’s a useful tool when it comes to certain needs… Door to door, parades, fundraising and flag waving. However, to give them control and let them become the face of the party is something no “Reagan Republican” ever wanted.

Here is where the problem lies for the Reagan Republicans: the Tea Party no longer just wants to protest. They want to make policy and they expect the people they support to give the ultimate sacrifice for that policy. If need be, they expect Republicans to be ready to lose elections to make a point. If they aren’t willing to make that sacrifice, then the Tea Party will make it for them in the primary process.

In some ways it is a lot like the parents who feeds their kids nothing but pop and chocolate all their life and then wonders why they didn’t make the basketball team. Republicans created the Tea Party. Republicans grew the Tea party. Republicans brought out the Tea Party every two years at election time. The problem is the Tea Party grew up and they aren’t going to just be used by Republicans every two years anymore.

Ladies and gentleman, the Reagan Republicans don’t like their kid. The biggest problem they have is that it is still their kid.