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Spokane (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

I write this to you from Spokane Washington, home of the NCAA Regional Basketball Tournament!  I had a great opportunity to visit with Saul Phillips, Bison Head Coach, and Gene Taylor, Athletic Director for NDSU. There is no doubt the pride and excitement runs deep. (CLICK HERE to listen to that interview.) 

The Bison play the Oklahoma Sooners on Thursday night.  Okay, let me repeat so we don't take it for granted, the Bison play the Sooners Thursday night!

I think the debate about moving up to Division I Athletics is over. For those naysayers who hate North Dakota higher education, when are you going to admit you’re wrong?

The exposure our state has had and the energy it has brought is simply amazing. On the flight out yesterday, all I heard about was this Bison Basketball team… and that was from people all over the country.

So to those that attack from microphones, columns, blogs and letters to the editor, I can only ask again, when are you going to admit you’re wrong?